Let’s understand ADDICTION-

Firstly let’s know about the term- ADDICTION.

Addiction is repeated and increased use of the substance which causes distress and has physical and mental effects. 

Around 10% of the population suffer from addiction related problems. 

Why does a person get addicted? 

Addiction is a Brain disease, as the brain of an addicted person is different from a non-addicted person. 

Addiction can be the result of contributing psychological and biological factors. 

Let’s know those factors-

  1. Early drug experiences(Start of the drug in the early age)
  2. Peer group 
  3. Drug use in parents 
  4. Mood problems and other psychiatric disorders 
  5. Changes in brain structure and various chemicals 

In almost half of the patients it is found that there is presence of other mental illness along with this. Mostly people suffer from- Mood disorder, antisocial personality disorder and anxiety disorder.

How addiction is identified? 

  • A person is having strong desire to take a substance(i.e. alcohol, opioids, cannabis etc).
  • Difficulty in controlled the amount of use.
  • Problems when person tries to decrease or stop the substance.
  • Person have to increase the amount of the substance over the period of time.
  • Person avoids other activities (ie. going for work, attending social rituals) to indulge in the use.
  • Continuing use of a substance in spite of knowing harmful effect on the body. I.e. person is consuming alcohol even after knowing the effects on his liver.


Therapies and medicines help.