Do these things happen to you?

Do you become panic at places where escapes are difficult (like markets, crowd, bus, metro, movie theatre etc.)?  You have fear while remaining alone outside of your home? Do you preoccupied with fear of being helpless at these places? Your anxiety and fear in these situations is out of proportion of actual danger? Most of time you have panic attacks in these situations?

Then let’s know about AGORAPHOBIA


Agoraphobia means- Fear of the market place.

But broadly agoraphobia is fear or anxiety regarding places which escape might be difficult.

This affects 2-6% people in their life time.


Marked fear or anxiety about two (or more) of the following five situations:

1. Using public transportation (e.g., automobiles, buses, trains, ships, planes).

2. Being in open spaces (e.g., parking lots, marketplaces, bridges).

3. Being in enclosed places (e.g., shops, theaters, cinemas).

4. Standing in line or being in a crowd.

5. Being outside of the home alone.

Fear is present in great extent that an individual avoids these situations. This fear might be of embarrassing  symptoms  like the fear of falling and  fear of incontinence.

Know whether you are suffering from AGORAPHOBIA or not?

These symptoms should be present at least for 6 months and distressing for an individual.

Treatment- Therapies and medicines.

This site is just for the awareness of mental illnesses not for diagnosis. If someone finds himself/herself or their loved one having symptoms kindly consult a psychiatrist.