Are the things changing in your life-

You often feel low, nothing seems worthy now, you have lost interested in watching movies, listening your favorite songs, and hanging out with your friends, feeling like lying down on the bed all the time, getting up from the bed is now very difficult specially in the morning, you feel less confident in speaking in front of people, you are not able to concentrate in studies like before, you feel excessive guilty about things, you easily lose hope, you are not able to sleep in night and wake up early in the morning with gloomy thoughts in mind, now your favorite food seems less tasty, you don’t feel like taking your meal, you feel like life should be ended and your sex life is not that satisfying as you have lost interest in that.

Then you need to know about DEPRESSION.


Depression is a disorder of mood in which there are a variety of symptoms including change in activity level, sleep, appetite and sexual activity and many more.

 5-17 in 100 persons have depression in one’s life time.

Depression is two times more common in women of nearly 40 years of age. Depression is more common in rural population and in divorcee persons.

Why a person suffer from depression-

  • Imbalance of chemical of brains
  • Family history of depression
  • Stressful life (eg child birth, loss of spouse, business loss etc)
  • Thinking pattern (my life is bad, my future will be bad, the people around me are bad for me)


Major symptoms- low mood, low energy level, decrease interest in pleasurable activities.

Minor symptoms- decrease concentration, low confidence, worthlessness, self-harm ideas, decrease sleep, decrease appetite, guilt.

Depression can be associated with medical illnesses, after delivery and in particular season.

Know whether you are depressed or not?

There should be at least 2 symptoms from major symptoms and 2 minor symptoms for at least 14 days.

Duration- If depression is untreated it remains for almost 13 months.

Treatment- Therapies and medicines.

This site is just for the awareness of mental illnesses not for diagnosis. If someone finds himself/herself or their loved one having symptoms kindly consult a psychiatrist.