Does size matter?

Humans harbor many myths within them, especially on sexuality.

Because we gain sex education from porn or from other inadequate sources. 
Does size really matter? 

Let’s check the fact- 
1. Only lower third of vagina is most sensitive (you can say- only sensitive part of vagina) which is almost 1 inch, so there is no point of talking about size all the time. 
“Size is only predictor of pleasure?” Just a overhyped thing sold by pornography. 

2. Women pleasure is more towards emotional bonding rather than just size. 

3. Women body is made in such way that it takes time to warm up. So need to focus more on foreplay. 

4. Intimacy is lots more rather than just size. 

You need to focus on other aspects of sexuality rather focusing on one single thing- which is size. 

Share it to lessen this world’s expectations and spread peace.