World Suicide Prevention Day, 10th September

September 9, 2020 56 Comments

Suicide- simply means” Self –Murder.” Firstly we need to understand one very important fact about suicide- About 95% of the persons who commit or attempts suicide have a diagnosis of any mental disorder. How to reduce suicide- Promotion of awareness about suicide, which is a public health problem and most importantly preventable. Development of strategy …

Positive Self Talk

August 27, 2020 2 Comments

This is how you can send positive messages about Yourself to your mind..♥️♥️Start practicing to do positive self talk often in a day to enhance your self-esteem.

Improve your Mental Health in pandemic

August 20, 2020 8 Comments

A pandemic is a stress for all of us. All of us are having worries about ourselves and our loved ones. But we need to understand some facts about this situation- 1. We need to realize that everything in our life can’t be controllable.2. Concerns and worries are normal and everyone is a victim of this …