Improve your Mental Health in pandemic

August 20, 2020 8 Comments

A pandemic is a stress for all of us. All of us are having worries about ourselves and our loved ones.

But we need to understand some facts about this situation-

1. We need to realize that everything in our life can’t be controllable.
2. Concerns and worries are normal and everyone is a victim of this directly or indirectly.
3. We need to understand that sometimes this infection is spreading in unpredictable ways as you can see sometimes data says it’s airborne sometimes not. Just to know the fact that who are taking precautions becoming less ill.
4. We can plan of living life rather than just worrying about it. Planning is always good.

Things we can do to improve our mental health during this pandemic- 

1. Avoid watching news of corona virus all the time. It increases our worries and nothing else. Take a break from it by not scrolling corona news in your mobile all the time.
2. Try to do things which you used to enjoy before this pandemic. Draw paintings, learn something new from YouTube, play guitar, listen to your favorite music, play with your children, learn new dishes, read your favorite novel again, start a new skin care routine, talk to your friends and make your own list of hobbies.
3. Take care of your body. Eat healthy food, sleep adequately, exercise and stay hydrated.
4. Take time for breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and meditation.
5. Learn to show gratitude and start to do positive self talk. 
6. Maintain healthy relationships and share your worries with your loved ones. 
7. Try to avoid alcohol and tobacco.
8. Improve your overall hygiene and maintain social distancing.
Be strong now, because things will be better. It might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever.


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